Every Brain is Different

Every Brain is Different is a podcast that strives to be a resource and connection for people with all different abilities. We interview people who are neurodivergent and those who support them

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May 17, 2023 00:30:34
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Joanna Rawbone and Being an Introvert

Joanna founded Flourishing Introverts to shift the extraversion bias by enabling individuals to recognize their natural strengths. Through coaching & training, Joanna enables introverts...



May 10, 2023 00:32:48
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Jenny Hemstalk & Hailey Merrick and Divergent Beginnings

Jenny Hemstalk started Divergent Beginnings, a non-profit based in Idaho that assists families through the neurodivergent journey. Their goal is to ensure that every...



May 05, 2023 00:22:06
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Melinda Foote and Being a Grandparent

Melinda Foote is a grandmother to several children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She talks about how she has learned about autism and how...



April 26, 2023 00:40:19
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Dr. Tosha Strickland and Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Dr. Tosha Strickland is an Idaho native. She obtained her Doctorate of Audiology from AT Still University in Mesa, Arizona. She holds two Bachelor's...



April 21, 2023 00:34:47
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Clint Harrington and Residential Habilitation

Clint currently works in Quality Improvement for an ICF and Residential Habilitation Agency. He has been a Developmental Specialist, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, Behavior...



April 14, 2023 00:21:13
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Danielle Ralston and Thriving with ADHD

Danielle Ralston is a Master Life, Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Professional ADHD Coach, award-winning CEO & 6+figure multi-business owner. In this episode she talks...